Autumn Gigs Impressions

So the leaves are falling and we just played the last of three-in-a-row autumn shows in Vienna, Grabern and Wiener Neustadt. (And yes, we checked in at the Gasometer Vienna to rock Mirrorfield through his exam at the JAM Music Lab – let’s call this a gig too!)

BIG THANKS go out to all of you who came to see and support us!! Thanks to the Sick Pack Rat Attack for inviting us to be guests at two of their shows!! We’d also like to thank Pav Rybczynski, Thomas Hagendorfer and Moni Hemetsberger for taking the pictures below and last but not least – thanks to all the sound and light engineers who made us happen: You were awesome!!

Now it’s time for us to go back to work. We’re about to finish “Irene” as our next official release. And we’re working on exciting new songs – so even if we’ll be hiding in the rehearsal room during the next weeks and months, please stay tuned: There’s great new stuff ahead!

Work on “Irene” has begun!

We’re excited to tell you: We very officially started working on “Irene”. Deeper You’s second release will be a heavy-on-the-heart dark rock ballad spotlighting domestic violence against women.

Please stay tuned – we expect to be done by the end of summer (whenever summer may end this year). Meanwhile please follow us on Facebook for continuous updates and pics or footage shot at rehearsals.

Through These Gates now available across the web!

Only three months after we published our debut piece Through These Gates we have finally managed to make it available for download or streaming on familiar music platforms across the web.

Life’s a journey: The cover artwork for Through These Gates shows an open road and an imaginary gate floating above it.

Just go to your favourite music source (from Spotify to iTunes) search for Deeper You, stream or download and break Through These Gates! Once you’re there, we’d be happy if you could rate, share or recommend your experience.

Small step for you, giant leap for Deeper You so we should take the chance and say thank you: To Norbert Leitner for engineering and mastering the song. To Wolfgang Kellner for lending us a beautiful road-to-nowhere-picture for the song’s single artwork. And to you – for listening!


Having troubles finding Through These Gates at your favourite music store? Please drop us a line, we’ll see if we can help you!

Yay, we’re online!

Hello and welcome to the brand new virtual home of Deeper You on the web. Here’s where you get all the background information on the band, new songs, videos, tour dates and much more. As we aim to reach as many people as possible we decided to keep our website mostly in English. We’ve also added a blog to keep you posted on developments and provide a deeper insight into Deeper You. 😉

What the f*ck? We’re asking Auntie Google for some free heavy metal pics to download and she’s giving us chains!

As always we’re looking forward to reading your feedback – every suggestion, praise or criticism is warmly welcome: Please leave your comment in the section below. And if anything goes wrong, doesn’t work or redirects you straight to hell – please let us know. We’ll be doing our best to sort things out as quick as possible!

Want more?

For breaking news, hangover pics and live dates please make sure to follow us on Facebook. For an ever growing collection of footage please subscribe to our Deeper You-tube channel. 😉

Thank you so much for supporting us –
enjoy, peace and rock on!