Deeper You

Call of Night

7 March 2021

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Deeper You are (from left to right):
Manfred Strasser (Guitars), Nick Thal (Vocals, Synths), Mirrorfield (Bass), Chris Platschek (Drums)

Deeper you

DEEPER YOU was formed out of Hollabrunn, Lower Austria in late 2018 by four musicians with different musical backgrounds: Manfred Strasser (Guitars), Nick Thal (Vocals), Chris Platschek (Drums) and Reinhold Spiegelfeld aka Mr. Mirrorfield (Bass). As black is the sum of all colours, DEEPER YOU are channeling their collective psyche to deliver a dark mélange of rock, metal and pop.

Only four months after founding the band released the debut single “Through These Gates” (April 2019) followed by the tracks “Irene” and “She’ll Bleed Again” in 2020. DEEPER YOU performed at various music venues including Replugged Vienna and SUB Wiener Neustadt, were booked for the Dark Carinthia Music Festival and are hired to support the Diary of Dreams Vienna concert in 2021.

DEEPER YOU create a new and unique form of melodic dark rock that seeks contradiction: black with lucid moments. Complex yet catchy. Powerful yet fragile. The debut album is due for release 7 March 2021. Produced by Mike Klement it will feature nine tracks including the three previously released favourites in addition to previously unreleased material.

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