New Music Ahead: Announcing Single And EP

Wonderful people, thank you for being with us. Right on time for the onset of spring, we’d like to venture a little preview of the year ahead with you.

Currently, we’re retreating to the rehearsal room and working intensively on new songs. If everything goes as we imagine (does it ever?), we hope to gift you with a new single still in late spring. It’s safe to say, it will be a surprise in many ways. We’ll announce a release date no later than the end of April.

For autumn, we’re planning the release of an EP featuring at least five new, previously unreleased songs. Pre-production is already underway, and once again, we’ve opted for collaboration with Mike Indovina in Toronto, with whom we’ve worked on The Crash, Masked Ball, and The Now. In the coming months, this production will demand our full attention – hence, we’re likely to return to the stage only in autumn, but with a new set and new songs!

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of our work. Stay with us and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Deeper YouTube – but you’ll also find all breaking news right here on our News page. Thank you for your support!

Work on new music has begun in Deeper You’s holy cave. Stay tuned for more!

New single: “The Now” to be released 15 December

Wonderful people, brace yourself for 15 December 2023 when we will drop our latest release “The Now” across the online music universe.

The Now is the first in a series of songs, in which we journey the shallows of the human soul. The song celebrates the moment as a manic phase, dancing on the thin line between sanity and madness, euphoria and chaos. The music aims to be a mirror reflecting the dissonance within, blending elements from dark wave synths, straightforward hard rock guitar riffs and metal drums.

Just like our three previous releases, The Now was engineered by Mike Indovina in Toronto, whom we thank for expertise and his patience. It will be available as a standard version featuring an intro that travels from enigmatic vibraphones to apocalyptic guitar riffs and a shorter radio edit that gets right to the point.

The Now will be released on 15 December on your favourite online music platform. Make sure to subscribe to Deeper YouTube to get noticed when we drop the official audio and most of all – please follow us on spotify:

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Kings of Winter: New Lyric Video

Could we find a better release date than Halloween for our vampire hymn’s new lyric video? Get lost in the dark lyric ambiance of this song from DEEPER YOU’s debut album “Call of Night” carefully hiding quotes from a century of vampire films – and don’t forget to subscribe to Deeper YouTube once you’re there…

Deeper You’s latest lyric video was produced by GHD Studios and released Halloween 2023

Mine Is The Night: New Lyric Video

As the first of two new lyric videos for tracks from our debut album “Call of Night”, we have recently released “Mine Is The Night” on Deeper YouTube. GHD Studios have once more proven their creative talent translating the song into a starry travel through space. Take the journey – and while you’re there, please don’t forget to to subscribe to our channel: there’s more to come soon!

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Higher (2023) released: Airplay on 88.6

We are happy to announce the release of our re-recorded version of “HIGHER” (2023). Originally released on our debut album “Call of Night” in 2021, the song strongly developed during our live shows, so we felt like giving it a second life. While the song’s overall structure and the lyrics remain untouched, the new version is shaped by Chris’ vivid live drums, Danny Jackiels’ impulsive guitar lines and Tanjas seductive backing vocals. It was engineered by Mike Indovina in Toronto, Canada who already drew responsible for the previous releases The Crash and Masked Ball.

HIGHER reflects pictures of an intense dream of romance and lust in a dark and epic setting. It was featured by several dark scene web radio stations in the UK and Germany. Since July 31, the song can also be heard on 88.6, Austria’s #1 rock station!

Find HIGHER on your favorite online music source – and here:

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The Crash (Acoustic): New Video

Wonderful people, we have little surprise for you: Tanja and Nick have made a truly soft acoustic version of “The Crash” (original version released in autumn 2022) – only piano and vocals, raw and authentic, no effects, no tricks, no nothing.

The song comes with a black and white video, directed and filmed by Patrick Weichmann, shot in a retro format and available only on Deeper YouTube (while you’re there, please subscribe to the channel to be among the first to know when new stuff is coming):

The single is available on your favourite online music source. Please stream or download – and wherever you’re listening, please smash the like or follow button to stay tuned.

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Sonic Seducer: Baby Blue scores 4th in Battle of Bands!

Deeper You’s “Baby Blue” has achieved the 4th place in the “Battle of the Bands 2022” contest by German dark scene music magazine “Sonic Seducer”. Check their article here!

The band wants to thank the Sonic Seducer editors and their jury for giving us the chance to participate. Big thanks to Teufel – who awarded us with a Rockster Go bluetooth box! Big HUGS go to all of you out there who voted for us: THANK YOU so much, your support is DEEPLY appreciated – and stay with us, there’s more to come soon!

Our winning track “Baby Blue” is a murderer’s ballad to his future victim taken from Deeper You’s debut album “Call of Night”. Here you go…

Airplay in Austria: 88,6 and FM4

Last week we were celebrating the Austrian airplay premiere of our latest release “Masked Ball” – being the first DEEPER YOU track to be aired on Austrian rock station 88.6! This comes only 6 weeks after DEEPER YOU made its overall airplay debut in on FM4’s morning show with Stuart Freeman who introduced us to his audience playing “Mine Is The Night” from our debut album “Call of Night”.

Masked Ball: New Video released

It’s dropped – we’re happy to celebrate the release of our brand new music video for “Masked Ball”. Filmed at the old and word out “Glanzstoff” Factory in St. Pölten (Band performance scenes) and at Alter Schlachthof Hollabrunn (masked dancer scenes), it was directed by Patrick Weichmann who already made The Crash video last autumn.

Further credits go to camera operator Niki Texler and gaffers Manuel Lenz and Philipp Stambera. A special thanks go out to Musikverein Engabrunn for lending Nick their vintage AKG microphone and last but not least – HUGE THANKS to our masked dancer Tamara Mayr for her spectacular contemporary dance performance.

DEEPER YOU’s latest release “Masked Ball” is an epic power ballad about loss of identity – hypnotic yet energetic and violently persuasive. Listen now at your favourite online music source, click here and don’t forget to add it to your playlist! THANK YOU!

Nick & Tanja with masked dancer Tamara Mayr

New Song: Masked Ball (29DEC)

Tadaaa – it’s out!!!! We’re starting into the new year with a new release: MASKED BALL is an epic power ballad about the loss of identity – hypnotic yet energetic and violently persuasive. It was written a year ago and first performed on stage in Brno (Czechia) last September.

Once more we relied on the engineering magic of the wonderful Mike Indovina in Toronto, Canada – who has already produced IRENE and THE CRASH. As all other DEEPER YOU songs, MASKED BALL is available across the world wide web so just check your favourite online music source.

Click HERE to listen and stay tuned for a music video, following late January!

The Masked Ball cover artwork was created by AI under supervision of our video director Patrick Weichmann, perfectly reflecting the loss of identity in a world that becomes ever more digital.

Seven Songs for the Season: Nick – Winter

What do we do when we’re not making music? Well, we listen to music! Inspired by the many questions about our favourite songs (beware of never ending answer!) we allow ourselves to launch a little list with some seasonal music recommendations.

So as he was born in December, here are Nick’s seven favourites to keep you warm in cold winter nights:

David Bowie – Strangers When We Meet
(1. Outside)

I’ll start off with one of my all time winter classics – not knowing why this starts to haunt me over and over again when it gets cold. But it’s just so good.

Sisters Of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection

Ok, so I’m totally obsessed with the sisters this winter – so maybe hot metal will keep you safe when the nights are long.

Tori Amos – Abnormally Attracted To Sin
(Abnormally Attracted To Sin)

From her tenth studio album, this dark piece of attraction was always strangely inviting to me, especially on cold days. Here’s a visualette:

Duran Duran – Come Undone
(The Wedding Album)

One of my getting lost classics. Perfect for winding winter roads.

Gavin Friday – I want to live
(Adam’n Eve)

All’s forgiven, all’s forgotten – on New Year’s Day? Well, this keeps coming back to me ever since many moons ago.

Isabelle Adjani – Pull Marine
(Isabelle Adjani)

So, for a difference, how about having an indoor swim with Isabelle Adjani in this beautiful 1984 Luc Besson video. There’s a wise comment below saying Entre sa beauté irréelle et celle de la chanson, on touche au divin. I think that’s quite true. And she even serves some chocolate fish.

The Cure – Endsong

I was so tempted to add Pictures of You as one of my all time winter favourites. But let’s end this list with something new and see if it keeps an eternal quality over the winters to come. Here’s The Cure’s wonderful “Endsong” as given to the world during their current tour …

Stay safe everyone & Lots of love,

New Single: “Masked Ball” coming 29DEC

Open your arms: Our next brand new single will be released on Thursday 29 December. “Masked Ball” is DEEPER YOU’s second release this year – it was engineered by Mike Indovina in Toronto and will be brought to you along with a brand new music video directed by Patrick Weichmann.

Please make sure you follow DEEPER YOU on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to DEEPER YOUtube to stay tuned for updates. And there will be updates. We promise.

Masked Ball’s cover artwork is again created by artificial intelligence, supervised by our video director and photographer Patrick Weichmann

“Baby Blue” in Sonic Seducer: Vote now!

We’re super proud to be among the TOP 30 of this year’s “Battle of the Bands” by German music magazine Sonic Seducer. The track is also featured on their Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 244 compilation (coming with the November/December issue of the mag) and we’re deeply thankful they’ve given it a great little review. If you want to support us make it to the top please take a minute, rate the year and vote for “DEEPER YOU – Baby Blue” in the top down menu. Here’s the link:


Haven’t seen our official Baby Blue Lyric video yet? Check it out below and while you’re there – don’t forget to subscribe to the DEEPER YOUtube channel, there’s new stuff coming soon!

“Hymnisch dark, euphorisch locker – Baby Blue zieht sofort alle Krallen” (Sonic Seducer)

Help us make it to the top of this year’s Battle of the Bands:

Behind the scenes of The Crash Video

Last August we gathered at Alter Schlachthof in Hollabrunn (Lower Austria) to shoot a music video for The Crash our first release since “Call of Night”. Join us for some fun and check out this little making-of video. And while you’re there, make sure to subscribe to DEEPER YOUtube – there’s more coming soon…

New Interview: Nick & Tanja at Metalheads Forever

What an honor for us to be invited to a 2hrs interview at Metalheads Forever Rockcast (after being part of their Burning Underground last summer). Thank you Ritchie Newton for having Nick and Tanja on your show – deeply appreciated! Watch here (German only):

If you’re a metalhead make sure to subscribe to their channel – and check our their Webshop for Metalheads Forever Merch! Stay with us at DEEPER YOUtube – there’s more stuff coming soon!

New Single & Video: The Crash

Follow the moment: THE CRASH is about two people colliding in darkness, bleeding into one. Our new single is the first to feature the band’s new lineup and was engineered by Mike Indovina in Toronto, Canada.

Along with the song we are deeply excited to release an official music video, directed by the wonderful Patrick Weichmann. Enjoy it at DEEPER YOUtube – leave a like if you like and tell us how you like it in the comments.

Once you’re there, please don’t forget to subscribe for more DEEPER YOUtube 😉

Band Hour on 4400 ironcity: Listen to the show!

Chris, Nick and Mr. Jackiels were invited to 4400ironcity web radio to talk about their debut album “Call of Night” and some of their favourite songs – which includes music from David Bowie, INXS and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Here’s a MIXCLOUD link for you:

Seven Songs for the Season: Mr. Jackiels – Autumn

What do we do when we’re not making music? Well, we listen to music! Inspired by the many questions about our favourite songs (beware of never ending answer!) we allow ourselves to launch a little list with some seasonal music recommendations.

Autumn in the style of Mr. Jackiels:

Van Halen: Somebody give me a doctor
(Van Halen II)

Blood-boiling riff to keep us warm during the cold nights of the current energy crisis.

Robben Ford: Nothing to nobody

Even though I am everything to nobody, strong groove.

Judas Priest: Dreamer Deceiver / Deceiver (BBC Performance)
(Sad Wings of Destiny)

I don’t know what kind of drug makes you dress up COOL like this, but they earned my respect with a huge musical performance.
My favorite vocalists of all time:
1) Rob Halford
2) Nick Thal
3) Susan Boyle

Deep Purple: Wasted Sunsets
(Perfect Strangers)

One of the best solos I’ve heard.

Korni Grupa: Put Za Istok
(Korni Grupa)

I know nobody understands the lyrics, but this is masterpiece music. Quite a journey. 

Pink Floyd: You’ve Got To Be Crazy (Live Wembley 1974)
(Wish You Were Here)

This sound and music is definitely pure magic.

O-Zone: Dragostea Din Tei

Nothing to add. Best song ever written. And I mean better than Bach and Queen EVEN IF THEY WORKED TOGETHER.

7 Oct: The Crash is coming!

We are more than excited to officially announce the release of “The Crash”! This will be the first release since our debut album Call of Night and the first song completely created by our new lineup.

The Crash tells the story of two people colliding in darkness, desperately bleeding into one. It is engineered by Mike Indovina in Toronto, who also worked his magic into “Irene” (2020). It will be released on all digital music platforms October 7.

Make sure you follow us on Spotify – and stay tuned for more news soon!

New music ahead

We are very happy to announce new music for autumn: There are two brand new DEEPER YOU tracks in the making, both engineered by Mike Indovina in Toronto, Canada – we aim to release in September/October. Please make sure you follow us on Spotify or your other favourite online music source – and subscribe to DeeperYouTube. Stay tuned, we’ll get back to you with official release dates as soon as possible – THANK YOU for your support!

Brno, Vienna, Graz: Shows added!

This autumn we’ll be on tour promoting new music and there are quite some highlights in sight: Among the new live dates is our first show in the Czech Republic, where we will be playing a club gig at M13 Rock Hell in Brno in September. We’ll also be in Graz for the first time supporting Five Ways to Nowhere at Club Wakuum, together with our buddies from Exit To Eden. Last but not least we’re looking forward to a wonderful night at the Szene Vienna, where we will be on stage before Diary of Dreams – that show was planned before Corona hit the world and has been postponed to October 2022, so we had some time to prepare… We can’t wait to rock these stages and truly hope we see you there! Meanwhile make sure to come back and check our live section, there’s more dates in the pipeline to be announced soon!!

Danny and Nick on stage at Viper Room Vienna supporting postpunk icons Pink Turns Blue (April 2022)

If you want us at your venue rocking your stage or if you know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line: contact(at) – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Seven Songs for the Season: Tanja – Summer

What do we do when we’re not making music? Well, we listen to music! Inspired by the many questions about our favourite songs (beware of never ending answer!) we allow ourselves to launch a little list with some seasonal music recommendations.

Here are some of Tanja’s favourite songs for the season:

Bryan Adams: Summer of 69

Sorry to all the hard rock fans here, but still my favourite singer of all times. I’m always the first one, sometimes the only one dancing and singing to his song when it comes up, so for me it’s my number 1 song on my “Seven Songs for the Season” playlist.

Kid Rock: All Summer Long
(Rock n Roll Jesus)

Let the lyrics speak for itself of what a perfect summer story consists and let the music bring you into the right mood

Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
(Wish You Were Here)

Legendary band – a song to chill a bit

Nirvana: Smells like Teen Spirit

Thinking back to the times growing up, no responsibilities, going wild and crazy, not thinking about tomorrow

Simple Plan: Summer Paradise
(Get Your Heart On!)

Imagine yourself on a tropical island, slurping some disgustingly sweet cocktails, the sun is burning your skin, sand is everywhere you don’t want it to be but you have the best time of your life…

Tina Turner: The Best
(Foreign Affair)

Some women power and she really gives all that energy into her music…plus there should never be a playlist without a sexy saxophone solo…

Kings of Leon: Sex on Fire
(Only by the Night)

Well…do what you wanna do, but summer is definitely the best time for some things…

Finally: We’re back on stage!

Thank you all who came to see us at the VIPER ROOM VIENNA (supporting German Band Pink Turns Blue) and at the CAFÉ CARINA (Sweet Darkness in Vienna, together with Exit To Eden). It felt so good to be on stage again after all these moons, after all these cancelled dates that just postponed the moment we would meet live over and over again. Please find below some impressions of the two gigs – taking the opportunity to shout out a huge THAAAAANK YOU to our live photographers Tatjana Bauer and Kristina Copic!!!

We will be announcing more live dates soon – please check our live section and follow us on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Seven Songs for the Season: Mirrorfield – Spring

What do we do when we’re not making music? Well, we listen to music! Inspired by the many questions about our favourite songs (beware of never ending answer!) we allow ourselves to launch a little list with some seasonal music recommendations.

Here are Mirrorfield’s “Seven Songs for Spring” – enjoy!!

Rammstein: Mehr
(Liebe ist für alle da)

Spring, the new, fresh, rebirth, rising up after sleep and regeneration. Watch out! Spring might get somewhat befogged by the same old rut of human unbalance from birth to death. Rammstein say it with power I dig.

Tremonti: Bringer of War
(A Dying Machine)

And on and on it goes. Talking about Rammsteins Lyrics before, business as usual. As if we have nothing better to do on this world than to create hell for us. Since ages. Else life is a bore or what?

Municipial Waste: Breathe Grease
(Slime and Punishment)

Ok! Time to party in style!

Tool: Lateralus

Dawn of intelligence and evolution. 93

Motörhead: Thunder & Lightning
(Bad Magic)

Bass player and music without phony compromise!

J. S. Bach: Brandenburgische Konzerte BWV 1048, Third Movement, Allegro

One of the genius’ in the multiverse of music.

Hans Zimmer: Mother Africa
(The Power of One)

My mother of rhythm, what painful birth she gave to Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll, you name the countless genres that followed – imagine the whole world without music for 1 week. Then you know. Be a little grateful what musicians give to the world. A soundtrack to “The Power of One” from the great composer Hans Zimmer.

Seven Songs for the Season: Chris – Winter

What do we do when we’re not making music? Well, we listen to music! Inspired by the many questions about our favourite songs (beware of never ending answer!) we allow ourselves to launch a little list with some seasonal music recommendations.

Chris kicks off –
Voilà, enjoy his “Seven Songs for Winter”…

Borknagar: Oceans Rise
(The Archaic Course)

Yes, I’ll start with Borknagar for my winter list. This song was my first contact with vocalist ICS Vortex. I like him also with Arcturus and Dimmu Borgir – but with Borknagar, he gives me a good winter feeling. Enjoy the atmosphere of “Oceans Rise” and if you can’t get enough (like me) go for the entire album, you won’t be disappointed!

Krisiun: Ravager
(Conquerors of Armageddon)

For sure, this must be a song for winter ;-). Just place yourself in that cold desert wind intro and then dive into the song itself. Moreover, these guys from Brasil are great musicians: Their extreme art of playing and those high tempi, it’s just fun to listen to – especially when it’s cold outside!

Paradise Lost: The Longest Winter

Can’t miss that one on my winter list: „The longest winter“ is one of the later releases of Paradise Lost. It has an intensity that touches me deeply.

Old Man’s Child: The Millenium King
(The Pagan Prosperity)

The cover’s artwork takes you directly to a winter scene – and the song is mighty! Just enjoy the atmospheric part with that deep godly voice, the guitar solo, the whole atmosphere just takes me higher. And yes, I love the sound of the drums on the whole album. 😉

Borknagar: The Genuine Pulse

And „Borknagar“ again – this time led by vocalist „Vintersorg“. That ice cold number 1 features a nice melodic keyboard theme and some frosty, fast drumming! 

Type o Negative: Red Water (Christmas Mourning)
(October Rust)

A very sad and atmospheric Christmas song to join my list. Since the release of “October Rust”, I listen to this record every year in October, November and December…

Psychotic Waltz: Devils and Angels
(The God-Shaped Void)

When I heard about this band reuniting – it was like a Christmas present to me. I think , I bought this album in December and have been listening to it for weeks, almost every day. So for the end of my list I’ll leave you to the magic of „Devils and Angels“ – hope you enjoy …

Live Interview: Nick & Chris on Radio Schwarze Welle

On November 29th, Nick and Chris were Pixie’s guests on Radio Schwarze Welle – Germany’s No. 1 web radio for dark music. You can now listen to the recording on the station’s Patreon channel (registration required, the interview is in German) -> CLICK HERE.

Am 29. November waren Nick und Chris zu Gast bei Pixie von Radio Schwarze Welle – zu einem zweistündigen (!) Interview auf Deutschlands Nr.1 Webradio für dunkle Musik. Den Mitschnitt könnt ihr jetzt nachhören – auf dem Patreon-Kanal der Schwarzen Welle (Registrierung erforderlich): KLICKT HIER!

Check out Radio Schwarze Welle here:

Introducing Danny Jackiels

We are very happy to introduce Mr. Danny Jackiels as our new guitar player. After Mani Strasser and the band have decided to go separate ways back in Spring, we now are a full circle again.

Danny is an exceptionally talented young musician and a wonderful bandmate, and we are very excited to have him at the heart of DEEPER YOU. We share the same passion for dark music and we are looking forward to see the DEEPER YOU journey continue even stronger together.

We wish to thank everyone who applied to play with us! To our fans, please cheer Danny a warm welcome – we’re all looking forward to see you again soon! Rock on!!

Visualizing the “Call of Night”

For the artwork of our debut album “Call of Night” we worked together with American artist and designer Justin Meyers based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Justin creates predominately dark and surrealist art, including digital, acrylic, pencil and mixed-media creations. His work is internationally published and well known to address psychological control, human myth, and various religious systems.

For “Call of Night” he proved his talent and his great sense for music – visualizing a call of night that reflects our approach to dark rock: Sombre with lucid moments. It’s just … the perfect call of night.

The perfect “Call of Night”: Album artwork by J Meyers

Justin is also the Co-owner and founder of, a wonderful place for dark arts on the web. Have a look here:

Call of Night: Now on CD!

OK so fine, we admit, we’re oldskool: All of us do have a nice collection of compacts discs at home. All of us started collecting some day back in the 80s (maybe except for Chris who started in the 90s). And this these collections have just got even richer as we added “Call of Night” to the shelve. Or in other words: No album is an album, unless you can touch it.

The CD of DEEPER YOU’s debut album rests in a digipack that sports the wonderful Call of Night artwork by Justin Meyers (come back soon for a feature about him). It comes with an 8-page-booklet containing all the lyrics of the songs, a band photograph and all the credits. There’s also a signed version available featuring the musician’s autographs on the booklet cover.

Please order here:

So if you’re as oldskool as we are, don’t hesitate and order your copy: We’ll ship worldwide, from Austria with love to wherever you are!

Now available at our BandCamp Merch store: CALL OF NIGHT on CD
The digipack sports the wonderful artwork by Justin Meyers
The digipack comes with an 8p-Booklet containing all lyrics

Call of Night: Debut Album released!

It’s out. On Sunday 7 March our Debut Album “Call of Night” was released on digital music platforms across the web. Find all the links to your favourite online music source on our home page.

If you can’t decide on where to stream or download, check out our BandCamp site and sign up as a fan there. This is also where we’re gonna fire up a merch section soon, so it’s quite the place to be.

For those of you who prefer an oldschool piece of music in your hands, we’re proud to announce a CD version which will be ready for shipping by end of March. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know asap!

Call of Night: Find all download links on our home page.

Moved to 2022: Support for Diary of Dreams

UPDATE: For more planning certainty, Diary of Dreams have announced to move their Vienna concert to autumn 2022 to avoid another postponement of the shows due to the uncertain pandemic development.

The new date is 30 OCTOBER 2022
All tickets remain valid. Please check our live section for more information and stay tuned on for more.

Postponed: Support for Diary of Dreams

No big surprise: 🙄 Due to the ongoing pandemic our support gig for Diary of Dreams (planned for 7 March at Szene Wien) needs to be postponed again. All tickets remain valid, stay tuned for a new date soon. We stand in patience. Stay with us. 🤘🖤

Wenig überraschend muss der Konzerttermin von Diary of Dreams / US – Wien 2021 und damit unser Support Gig erneut verschoben werden. Infos zum neuen Termin folgen in Kürze. Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit. Danke für euer Verständnis.


Champaaaaaaagne!!! Finally the time has come: Our debut album Call of Night is now ready for digital pre-order at BandCamp. Please click here to be among the first:

We’re looking forward to the official release date: Sunday, March 7th, 2021 when Call of Night will be available at your favourite online music source. Our debut album will feature nine tracks, including our singles „Through These Gates“, „Irene“ and „She’ll Bleed Again“ plus six previously unreleased songs.

Call of Night will also be available as a traditional CD soon – please stay tuned for updates!

Our debut album “Call of Night”: Available for digital pre-order now – stay tuned for a CD version.


As our common mistress Corona keeps forcing us to work remotely we ask for your understanding that the release of our debut album will be delayed. We expect to be out in March and promise to keep you posted on further developments. Thank you so much for your patience!

Mike Klement To Produce Debut Album

As studio work has begun, we’re happy to announce that we have teamed up with Mike Klement who will be joining the DEEPER YOU tribe as a producer for our debut album. He has already put his skill into our last single She’ll Bleed Again and brings an inspiring mix of experience, foresight and (most important) fun into the band. We are confident that he will be the perfect middle man between the songs we bring and the album we want.

Mike Klement (left) with Billy Graziadei from Biohazard

A Bavarian stranded in Vienna, Mike is an extremely talented and experienced arranger and engineer who has worked with Michael Marshall, The Hooters, Terry Hoax and many more. He received the Golden Horse Award for his work on the score of “2046” (directed by Wong Kar-Wai), composed by Peer Raben. Mike has a great sense for the depth and the power in the sound of DEEPER YOU and we are truly looking forward to working with him.

The DEEPER YOU debut album is due for release in December –
stay with us for further updates!🙂

New Date: Support for Diary of Dreams

Miss Corona keeps teaching us patience: The new date for our support show of the Diary of Dreams “Hell in Eden” Vienna concert is 07 March 2021. All tickets sold by now remain valid – if you’re still looking for tickets, please drop us a line!

See you at the Szene Wien!!
And meanwhile, enjoy anticipation. Here’s “Epicon” for you:

She’ll Bleed Again: New Lyric Video

Now on DEEPER YOUtube: A lyric video for our last release “She’ll Bleed Again”. Cheers go out to Martin at MVS Visual in Sweden who really did a great job finding beautifully metaphoric visuals for a sad story of greed, excess and pain. And we’d like to thank our producer and engineer Mike Klement who created a short intro remix of the song itself – so you don’t have to wait too long for lyrics to fall. 😉

Please enjoy – and whilst you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. And if you want to do us the biggest of favors: Share the video around and/or add it to your playlist. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Acoustic Version of Through These Gates

Not an official release, just a quick’n dirty recording during a rehearsal session. One take. No fuss. Here’s Mani and Nick trying an acoustic version of “Through These Gates”…

Subscribe to DEEPER YOUtube for more –
Thank you for your support! 🙂

New Single: She’ll Bleed Again

Excess. Greed. Addiction. Pain. “She’ll Bleed Again” was written about a year ago and has been with us ever since: as the last encore in our live set, as an important piece in the puzzle of DEEPER YOU.

The band wish to say DANKE!!! to Mike Klement for doing a wonderful job engineering it. And we know, it’s not always easy to work with us, it takes a lot of experience, passion and patience – all of which Mike has brought in to deepen the DEEPER YOU sound experience.

The song is in stores across the web now (Apple Music will follow soon). We made a link collection for you here – so please stream, download, follow, like and share: We truly appreciate your support!! 🙂

“She’ll Bleed Again” cover artwork
“She’ll Bleed Again” promo video featuring Nick

New Date: Support for Diary of Dreams

Due to the corona pandemic there’s a new date for our support show of the Diary of Dreams “Hell in Eden” Vienna concert at the Szene Wien: 13 September 2020. All tickets sold by now remain valid – if you’re still looking for tickets, please drop us a line!

Here’s Diary of Dreams at the M’Era Luna 2019 for you:

IRENE Lyric Video released

Big thanks to Pejman Safarian for creating a wonderful lyric video for IRENE. Have a look here – and don’t forget to leave a comment.

IRENE published on YouTube

She’s finally born: IRENE is the first DEEPER YOU track published in 2020.

In Europe, 20% of all girls and women aged 15 and over are affected by physical or sexual domestic violence. IRENE could be one them.

The song was already part of our live set back in spring 2019 however producing it took longer than expected – mostly because there were many things to be experienced and defined, that will on the long run contribute to the depth, sense and meaning of the DEEPER YOU experience.

Big thanks go out to Mike Indovina in Toronto for mixing and mastering IRENE. And we shall an extra thank you to Wolfgang Kellner in Vienna who keeps supporting us since our first days – this time by providing us a stunning photograph for the IRENE cover artwork.

Currently available for streaming on Youtube, IRENE will soon be available for download at your favourite online music store. Make sure you keep coming back for updates.

Meanwhile we shall thank you all for your ongoing support – and if you like IRENE, please don’t hesitate to share and spread the word.

Autumn Gigs Impressions

So the leaves are falling and we just played the last of three-in-a-row autumn shows in Vienna, Grabern and Wiener Neustadt. (And yes, we checked in at the Gasometer Vienna to rock Mirrorfield through his exam at the JAM Music Lab – let’s call this a gig too!)

BIG THANKS go out to all of you who came to see and support us!! Thanks to the Sick Pack Rat Attack for inviting us to be guests at two of their shows!! We’d also like to thank Pav Rybczynski, Thomas Hagendorfer and Moni Hemetsberger for taking the pictures below and last but not least – thanks to all the sound and light engineers who made us happen: You were awesome!!

Now it’s time for us to go back to work. We’re about to finish “Irene” as our next official release. And we’re working on exciting new songs – so even if we’ll be hiding in the rehearsal room during the next weeks and months, please stay tuned: There’s great new stuff ahead!

Through These Gates now available across the web

Only three months after we published our debut piece Through These Gates we have finally managed to make it available for download or streaming on familiar music platforms across the web.

Just go to your favourite music source (from Spotify to iTunes) search for Deeper You, stream or download and break Through These Gates! Once you’re there, we’d be happy if you could rate, share or recommend your experience.

Small step for you, giant leap for Deeper You so we should take the chance and say thank you: To Norbert Leitner for engineering and mastering the song. To Wolfgang Kellner for lending us a beautiful road-to-nowhere-picture for the song’s single artwork. And to you – for listening!


Having troubles finding Through These Gates at your favourite music store? Please drop us a line, we’ll see if we can help you!

Yay, we’re online!

Hello and welcome to the brand new virtual home of Deeper You on the web. Here’s where you get all the background information on the band, new songs, videos, tour dates and much more. As we aim to reach as many people as possible we decided to keep our website mostly in English. We’ve also added a blog to keep you posted on developments and provide a deeper insight into Deeper You.

What the f*ck? We’re asking Auntie Google for some free heavy metal pics to download and she’s giving us chains!

As always we’re looking forward to reading your feedback – every suggestion, praise or criticism is warmly welcome: Please leave your comment in the section below. And if anything goes wrong, doesn’t work or redirects you straight to hell – please let us know. We’ll be doing our best to sort things out as quick as possible!

Want more?

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Thank you so much for supporting us –
enjoy, peace and rock on!