Seven Songs for the Season: Mirrorfield – Spring

What do we do when we’re not making music? Well, we listen to music! Inspired by the many questions about our favourite songs (beware of never ending answer!) we allow ourselves to launch a little list with some seasonal music recommendations.

Here are Mirrorfield’s “Seven Songs for Spring” – enjoy!!

Rammstein: Mehr
(Liebe ist für alle da)

Spring, the new, fresh, rebirth, rising up after sleep and regeneration. Watch out! Spring might get somewhat befogged by the same old rut of human unbalance from birth to death. Rammstein say it with power I dig.

Tremonti: Bringer of War
(A Dying Machine)

And on and on it goes. Talking about Rammsteins Lyrics before, business as usual. As if we have nothing better to do on this world than to create hell for us. Since ages. Else life is a bore or what?

Municipial Waste: Breathe Grease
(Slime and Punishment)

Ok! Time to party in style!

Tool: Lateralus

Dawn of intelligence and evolution. 93

Motörhead: Thunder & Lightning
(Bad Magic)

Bass player and music without phony compromise!

J. S. Bach: Brandenburgische Konzerte BWV 1048, Third Movement, Allegro

One of the genius’ in the multiverse of music.

Hans Zimmer: Mother Africa
(The Power of One)

My mother of rhythm, what painful birth she gave to Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll, you name the countless genres that followed – imagine the whole world without music for 1 week. Then you know. Be a little grateful what musicians give to the world. A soundtrack to “The Power of One” from the great composer Hans Zimmer.