IRENE published on YouTube

She’s finally born: IRENE is the first DEEPER YOU track published in 2020.

In Europe, 20% of all girls and women aged 15 and over are affected by physical or sexual domestic violence. IRENE could be one them.

The song was already part of our live set back in spring 2019 however producing it took longer than expected – mostly because there were many things to be experienced and defined, that will on the long run contribute to the depth, sense and meaning of the DEEPER YOU experience.

Big thanks go out to Mike Indovina in Toronto for mixing and mastering IRENE. And we shall an extra thank you to Wolfgang Kellner in Vienna who keeps supporting us since our first days – this time by providing us a stunning photograph for the IRENE cover artwork.

Currently available for streaming on Youtube, IRENE will soon be available for download at your favourite online music store. Make sure you keep coming back for updates.

Meanwhile we shall thank you all for your ongoing support – and if you like IRENE, please don’t hesitate to share and spread the word.