New single: “The Now” to be released 15 December

Wonderful people, brace yourself for 15 December 2023 when we will drop our latest release “The Now” across the online music universe.

The Now is the first in a series of songs, in which we journey the shallows of the human soul. The song celebrates the moment as a manic phase, dancing on the thin line between sanity and madness, euphoria and chaos. The music aims to be a mirror reflecting the dissonance within, blending elements from dark wave synths, straightforward hard rock guitar riffs and metal drums.

Just like our three previous releases, The Now was engineered by Mike Indovina in Toronto, whom we thank for expertise and his patience. It will be available as a standard version featuring an intro that travels from enigmatic vibraphones to apocalyptic guitar riffs and a shorter radio edit that gets right to the point.

The Now will be released on 15 December on your favourite online music platform. Make sure to subscribe to Deeper YouTube to get noticed when we drop the official audio and most of all – please follow us on spotify:

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