Call of Night: Now on CD!

OK so fine, we admit, we’re oldskool: All of us do have a nice collection of compacts discs at home. All of us started collecting some day back in the 80s (maybe except for Chris who started in the 90s). And this these collections have just got even richer as we added “Call of Night” to the shelve. Or in other words: No album is an album, unless you can touch it.

The CD of DEEPER YOU’s debut album rests in a digipack that sports the wonderful Call of Night artwork by Justin Meyers (come back soon for a feature about him). It comes with an 8-page-booklet containing all the lyrics of the songs, a band photograph and all the credits. There’s also a signed version available featuring the musician’s autographs on the booklet cover.

Please order here:

So if you’re as oldskool as we are, don’t hesitate and order your copy: We’ll ship worldwide, from Austria with love to wherever you are!

Now available at our BandCamp Merch store: CALL OF NIGHT on CD
The digipack sports the wonderful artwork by Justin Meyers
The digipack comes with an 8p-Booklet containing all lyrics