Higher (2023) released: Airplay on 88.6

We are happy to announce the release of our re-recorded version of “HIGHER” (2023). Originally released on our debut album “Call of Night” in 2021, the song strongly developed during our live shows, so we felt like giving it a second life. While the song’s overall structure and the lyrics remain untouched, the new version is shaped by Chris’ vivid live drums, Danny Jackiels’ impulsive guitar lines and Tanjas seductive backing vocals. It was engineered by Mike Indovina in Toronto, Canada who already drew responsible for the previous releases The Crash and Masked Ball.

HIGHER reflects pictures of an intense dream of romance and lust in a dark and epic setting. It was featured by several dark scene web radio stations in the UK and Germany. Since July 31, the song can also be heard on 88.6, Austria’s #1 rock station!

Find HIGHER on your favorite online music source – and here:

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