Seven Songs for the Season: Mr. Jackiels – Autumn

What do we do when we’re not making music? Well, we listen to music! Inspired by the many questions about our favourite songs (beware of never ending answer!) we allow ourselves to launch a little list with some seasonal music recommendations.

Autumn in the style of Mr. Jackiels:

Van Halen: Somebody give me a doctor
(Van Halen II)

Blood-boiling riff to keep us warm during the cold nights of the current energy crisis.

Robben Ford: Nothing to nobody

Even though I am everything to nobody, strong groove.

Judas Priest: Dreamer Deceiver / Deceiver (BBC Performance)
(Sad Wings of Destiny)

I don’t know what kind of drug makes you dress up COOL like this, but they earned my respect with a huge musical performance.
My favorite vocalists of all time:
1) Rob Halford
2) Nick Thal
3) Susan Boyle

Deep Purple: Wasted Sunsets
(Perfect Strangers)

One of the best solos I’ve heard.

Korni Grupa: Put Za Istok
(Korni Grupa)

I know nobody understands the lyrics, but this is masterpiece music. Quite a journey. 

Pink Floyd: You’ve Got To Be Crazy (Live Wembley 1974)
(Wish You Were Here)

This sound and music is definitely pure magic.

O-Zone: Dragostea Din Tei

Nothing to add. Best song ever written. And I mean better than Bach and Queen EVEN IF THEY WORKED TOGETHER.