Seven Songs for the Season: Nick – Winter

What do we do when we’re not making music? Well, we listen to music! Inspired by the many questions about our favourite songs (beware of never ending answer!) we allow ourselves to launch a little list with some seasonal music recommendations.

So as he was born in December, here are Nick’s seven favourites to keep you warm in cold winter nights:

David Bowie – Strangers When We Meet
(1. Outside)

I’ll start off with one of my all time winter classics – not knowing why this starts to haunt me over and over again when it gets cold. But it’s just so good.

Sisters Of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection

Ok, so I’m totally obsessed with the sisters this winter – so maybe hot metal will keep you safe when the nights are long.

Tori Amos – Abnormally Attracted To Sin
(Abnormally Attracted To Sin)

From her tenth studio album, this dark piece of attraction was always strangely inviting to me, especially on cold days. Here’s a visualette:

Duran Duran – Come Undone
(The Wedding Album)

One of my getting lost classics. Perfect for winding winter roads.

Gavin Friday – I want to live
(Adam’n Eve)

All’s forgiven, all’s forgotten – on New Year’s Day? Well, this keeps coming back to me ever since many moons ago.

Isabelle Adjani – Pull Marine
(Isabelle Adjani)

So, for a difference, how about having an indoor swim with Isabelle Adjani in this beautiful 1984 Luc Besson video. There’s a wise comment below saying Entre sa beauté irréelle et celle de la chanson, on touche au divin. I think that’s quite true. And she even serves some chocolate fish.

The Cure – Endsong

I was so tempted to add Pictures of You as one of my all time winter favourites. But let’s end this list with something new and see if it keeps an eternal quality over the winters to come. Here’s The Cure’s wonderful “Endsong” as given to the world during their current tour …

Stay safe everyone & Lots of love,