Seven Songs for the Season: Tanja – Summer

What do we do when we’re not making music? Well, we listen to music! Inspired by the many questions about our favourite songs (beware of never ending answer!) we allow ourselves to launch a little list with some seasonal music recommendations.

Here are some of Tanja’s favourite songs for the season:

Bryan Adams: Summer of 69

Sorry to all the hard rock fans here, but still my favourite singer of all times. I’m always the first one, sometimes the only one dancing and singing to his song when it comes up, so for me it’s my number 1 song on my “Seven Songs for the Season” playlist.

Kid Rock: All Summer Long
(Rock n Roll Jesus)

Let the lyrics speak for itself of what a perfect summer story consists and let the music bring you into the right mood

Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
(Wish You Were Here)

Legendary band – a song to chill a bit

Nirvana: Smells like Teen Spirit

Thinking back to the times growing up, no responsibilities, going wild and crazy, not thinking about tomorrow

Simple Plan: Summer Paradise
(Get Your Heart On!)

Imagine yourself on a tropical island, slurping some disgustingly sweet cocktails, the sun is burning your skin, sand is everywhere you don’t want it to be but you have the best time of your life…

Tina Turner: The Best
(Foreign Affair)

Some women power and she really gives all that energy into her music…plus there should never be a playlist without a sexy saxophone solo…

Kings of Leon: Sex on Fire
(Only by the Night)

Well…do what you wanna do, but summer is definitely the best time for some things…